A Testimonial Written By Tara Stenberg Regarding Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville

Below is a testimony written by Tara Stenberg regarding our Louisville South facility:

I had the privilege of fulfilling my CNA clinical training at Signature South Louisville recently.  I got to work with many terrific CNAs and staff to whom I applaud for their daily work.  However, as I sit here and reflect over the last two days, there is one name that continues to come to mind, and that is “Cherl”.  I know that may sound odd, because I did not get the opportunity to officially meet you in person.  However your presence at this facility was made known to me by one particular resident, Mr. D.  I was blessed to meet Mr. D. and have a few conversations with him.  Something about him stood out, perhaps because his diagnosis could easily be my father’s story or maybe it was simply his love for Jesus and his love of the Word that shined through.  Whatever “it” was and despite the brief encounter, my life will forever be marked by his.  I knew when I left the facility yesterday there was one thing I could do for him, which was to honor a wish of his.  His wish is for you to be recognized, not only for the hard work that you do, but for being the person that you are to the residents.  He referred to you as “Florence Nightingale”.  He is so appreciative of your excellent care and the sincere heart that you show to everyone.  If ever you have had a moment that you questioned your work, let me assure you that you are and have been light to this man.  So, I wanted to encourage you with that today.  Although, Mr. Royse is fully aware that the best is yet to come for those who have given their life to Christ, he thanks you. . .I thank you. . .for making his current home a better place.  You are the Revolution, and I look forward to hopefully meeting you in the future.  Please tell Mr. D. that I said “Hi” and that I didn’t forget.

Tara Stenberg, Louisville, KY

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