Louisville Innovation Summit October 14-15, 2015

The Louisville Innovation Summit was held on October 14 and 15, 2015 at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in downtown Louisville. Dianne was one of the panelists for one of the “Aging With Vitality” segments entitled “Compassion As Innovation In Healthcare Delivery”. Below are details of the event with highlighted quotes from Dianne as well as pictures from the event. Panelists: Dianne Timmering (Signature HealthCARE) James Doty (Stanford University) Joseph D’Ambrosio (The Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging; University of Louisville, School of Medicine) Description: This is the era of disruption for the aging! What is now, what is possible. Never old-growing, perfecting living. Quotes from Dianne from Summit panel on Compassion Operationalized! “Compassion is specific. We at SHC have activated, operationalized the intention of compassion.”  “Compassion is an instinct.”  “I know an organization’s compassionate when talent approaches, specifically because they’re allowed to practice compassion.” “Don’t assume compassion is a one-way action.” “What do you think about asking for compassion?”  “Compassion is already there. It just needs to be unleashed.”  “Compassion is not altruism. It’s the point of listening, of touch. It’s very specific.”  “The center of pain and suffering isn’t solved with meds but compassion. It’s how our species will survive.”  “Compassion is the power of intention.”

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