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“Why Louisville Is So Great” …. By Dianne H. Timmering

May 4th, 2016 by Stephen Bowling

The interoperability of Louisville—a boast for best city for jobs and the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts: We are a full-bodied movement—restaurants, life quality, home uniqueness, neighborhood simplicity, city art, brilliant theatre, healthcare metropolis, UPS hub to the world, and 16,000 job openings … good ones.

Another reason why Kentucky boasts Louisville as one of the best U.S. cities for jobs is our cultural “reachings”, our budding artistry ….

Recently, I went to a most unexpected glorious celebration of the human element—one of triumph and dedication, one depicting the loneliness of an artist in their creation of the soul, knowing they could bend and create something out of a material that was never meant for or discovered for such a thing as a “wearable.” The art of the heart was worth the suffering to get from the soul and into the crafted pleat of a skirt, the still of a sleeve, the lift of a collar, the bead of a shoe. But these were no ordinary sleeves, or skirts, ruffles or shoes.

This was #KMAC Couture 2015—the night sponsored by the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts, a title not worthy enough for the display of creative freedom that I witnessed as art lived in the embodiment of the dress, the construction of materials that were never meant to glide along the mellifluous elegance of the human curve or press into the sensuous skin.

The audience was us, the women of Louisville (and a few brave and stylish men). The “us” was gorgeous, clad in the clash of white, the din of expectation, a sea of lightness, airy like we were a pillowed cloud and whatever was coming through the curtain was going to float.

And float it did. The show started; it was a fashion show unlike any I had seen before.

Angst was in the tulle, hope in the sleeveless, bare of the vulnerable arm. Every cloak had a story, every piece a design the eye simply couldn’t get enough of. Details as exquisite in the front as they were in the back. Art from such unexpected mediums worn because they could be. Art reflected in the embodiment of the dress. The greatest expression of self.

The art of canvas, the harshness and lack of dexterity in the material and yet with truffles and waves molded into an elegance that became a most decorous evening gown; one that would find the party in the evening and could possibly dismantle into enough of a tent that if a young hangover got old, warmth and forbearance could be found in the heat of the bundle.

A gown made of broken teacups, time owned in a past era interwoven, sitting on the ledge of fabric, like they might on the edge of a cupboard shelf, but polished, vibrant and used.

Elegant beauty reminiscent of the 17th century English dress made out of duct tape. A Cinderella gown made of mini-marathon medal ribbons, of no value except to the individual who flees through 13.2 miles, but collectively make an invaluable moment.

A skirt made of matches.

A ball gown of mop heads, plucked from cores, flipped, dismantled, dyed into elegant threads along the husk of cardboard which carried the slight frame of the model, whisking her down the dusty path, a shine of elegance, its full skirt never forgetting where it came from and where it was going.

Centuries of style replete in silent materials of the day to day but repositioned to power up this glorious night in the city of many jobs and endless hope.

Every piece with worth, the eye of appeal. And then it was over and I knew I had seen more than a fashion show, but an exhibit of artistry that moved, flowed and flourished down the path of must. Because an artist, for we all are in our own capacity of depth, must be, or an artist dies. We must try, even if the piece fails because there is peace in the piece of attempt and then we try again. And that is good.

We are a city capturing the artistry of self where one can be unbridled in the brilliance of simply being.

Dianne H. Timmering, MBA, MFA, CNA
Vice President of Spirituality and Legislative Affairs
Signature HealthCARE Consulting Services, LLC
Twitter: @Dhtimmering

Louisville Innovation Summit October 14-15, 2015

December 23rd, 2015 by Stephen Bowling

The Louisville Innovation Summit was held on October 14 and 15, 2015 at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in downtown Louisville. Dianne was one of the panelists for one of the “Aging With Vitality” segments entitled “Compassion As Innovation In Healthcare Delivery”. Below are details of the event with highlighted quotes from Dianne as well as pictures from the event. Panelists: Dianne Timmering (Signature HealthCARE) James Doty (Stanford University) Joseph D’Ambrosio (The Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging; University of Louisville, School of Medicine) Description: This is the era of disruption for the aging! What is now, what is possible. Never old-growing, perfecting living. Quotes from Dianne from Summit panel on Compassion Operationalized! “Compassion is specific. We at SHC have activated, operationalized the intention of compassion.”  “Compassion is an instinct.”  “I know an organization’s compassionate when talent approaches, specifically because they’re allowed to practice compassion.” “Don’t assume compassion is a one-way action.” “What do you think about asking for compassion?”  “Compassion is already there. It just needs to be unleashed.”  “Compassion is not altruism. It’s the point of listening, of touch. It’s very specific.”  “The center of pain and suffering isn’t solved with meds but compassion. It’s how our species will survive.”  “Compassion is the power of intention.”

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“6th International Conference on Ageing* and Spirituality” – October 6, 2015

October 10th, 2015 by Stephen Bowling

On October 6, 2015 in Los Angeles, Dianne was a presenter at the “6th International Conference on Ageing* and Spirituality”, the first to be held in the United States. As described from the event’s website:

This International Conferences attract both those with academic interests and expertise in this discipline from around the world, as well as those with more practical experience through involvement in the aging services industry or as informal care partners.  The Conferences include a mixture of keynote speakers, workshops and papers of interest to those coming from a faith based approach and to those approaching spirituality from a secular viewpoint.

Dianne’s poster presentation for the event was entitled “The Deconstruction of Suffering: The New Elixir in the Care Continuum” and it’s theme as defined by the conference was to be “Paradox and Promise”. The program text of her presentation is below as well as a JPG of the poster she used for the event.

Dianne Timmering, MBA, MFA, CNA is the Vice President of Spirituality and Legislative Affairs for Signature HealthCARE,  a healthcare and rehabilitation company with 126 locations in ten states and nearly 19,000 employees.

The vision of Signature HealthCARE is To radically change the landscape of healthcare forever. Signature’s organizational culture is founded on three pillars: Learning, Spirituality, and Innovation.

The Spirituality Pillar, serving through bold listening, hope and humility, strives to meet residents, employees and family members where they are, at the point of their very need. The results are impacting emotional and other clinical outcomes as well as stakeholder purpose and family satisfaction, foundational elements for real culture change in resident-centered pursuits. The pillar is founded on the emotional and  spiritual healing well of unconditional love for diverse cultures and faiths.

Dianne’s poster for the event is below and a hi-res PDF of it (22 mb) is available at












*A note about spelling.  The word “Ageing” in the title is not a typo.  Since the Conference comes to us from other parts of the world, in the title and logo of this 6th Conference, you will see aging spelled as “ageing.”  In all other references it will be spelled as we spell it here in the United States–aging.

CNA Appreciation Week Video

July 22nd, 2014 by Stephen Bowling

Below is the complete footage from the CNA Appreciation Week video:

Meetings On Capitol Hill – June 25 and 26, 2014

July 10th, 2014 by Stephen Bowling

Joe Steier, Dianne Timmering and Kathy Gallin attended a meeting with the American Health Care Association on June 25th and 26th, discussing so many of the issues that we as providers are watching unfold- i.e. bundled payments, site neutrality, Medicaid Managed Care, etc.

Read the whole story on Kathy Gallin’s ‘Legislative Lady’ blog:


National Day Of Prayer, May 1, 2014 – “In Defiance of Suffering” by Dianne H. Timmering (with Video)

May 1st, 2014 by Stephen Bowling

Today is a beginning, a new relentless pursuit in the deconstruction of suffering at every page of the healthcare continuum from the early signs and symptoms to the diagnosis of hopelessness, at the moment of collision of hurt and fear. We are a people who are afraid, who fear unknowns, who suffer blindly because of what might be or what has been.

What if we didn’t have to?

What if we could find that one elixir, a spiritual means for example at its cellular core and inject it, activate it into every condition, thought and situation, and then the element of its essence defies the mind from the negative place where untruths lie, and suffering roots.

But what’s in the design? How do we deconstruct the fear, the anxiety, the deleterious sounds of the symptoms of suffering from the honesty of bad news, or the realness of unrelenting pain?

What does deliberate intent to deconstruct hurt at every point of care look like? Maybe it looks like the peel of an orange, a plump section, a champagne toast to the tongue, joy in the juice of its sweetness, nourishment spreading throughout the working veins of the body where life is lived. The deconstruction of suffering at the cellular level like water puddled on a leaf seeping into skin, restoring what is parched, brandishing a new green, growing, living again.

As a people and a movement, do we have a responsibility of defiance because within our walls is a calibrated melody of the spiritual as an intervention of healing. Even early on as we created and built our spiritual model, we saw residents finishing their prescribed therapy not only because of a dedicated therapy team but because of a concentrated partnership with a spiritual quality, an essence of empowerment that reached into a patient’s state of loneliness, sickness, sorrow and came out with a resurgence of faith that wellness mattered and change of condition was possible. Depression around circumstance, we found, could circumvent healing. Remembrance and reminders of why they mattered, and prayer in the tangible of faith’s presence began to infuse the possible into the physical of the outcome.

Just imagine: Spiritual inputs for optimized outcome, such as the support of prayer, clinically spiritualized careplans, the hope in the Divine, the power of comfort in the belief and practice tradition of a particular faith, and integrating that within the overall episodic prescription of care. A brave new world.

With our amazing healthcare workforce (you see before you), physician and market alignment, a dedication to revolutionary fierceness, good gov’t policy, and an army of spiritual leaders with sword in hand and hope in word and deed, together on this day of national day of prayer, we are a movement in the defiance of suffering. This is not an isolated day of prayer but a launch pad, a spring board of deliberate intent to mine for your own joy, to listen for it, for there is always a way, there is always a solution. Grab it and impress it upon the molecules of your soul. This day is also about our clinical excellence, bundled with spiritual and medical inputs of best treatment and care—all packed into a capsule, like a pill, its own packaged elixir of fusion injected into the destructive pathway of suffering, blowing it up into a new each moment of heaven on earth, then we are the nuclear force that defies the anguish of fear and unleashes dunamis power and there will be calamity no more.

By Dianne H. Timmering


2014 Oates Institute Presentation – “Spirituality – The New Elixir In The Care Continuum”

March 28th, 2014 by Stephen Bowling

XX in Health Invite-Only Event – Decca Restaurant, Louisville, KY – November 11, 2013

November 7th, 2013 by Stephen Bowling

XX in Health, powered by Rock Health, connects and empowers female visionaries to drive change in healthcare.

Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality for Signature HealthCARE and Alicia Heazlitt, Director of Innovate LTC, are pleased to host a XX in Health Retreat at Decca Restaurant at 812 E Market St, Louisville, KY on November 11, 2013.

This sold-out, invite-only event will bring together over 40 experienced and promising female leaders from across the healthcare community to spark innovation in healthcare.


The agenda for the evening will be as follows:

5:30 PM
Drinks and Fellowship

6:30 PM

6:45 PM
Introduction and Welcome by Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality, Signature HealthCARE, and Alicia Heazlitt, Director, Innovate LTC

7:00 PM
Speaker, Lara Macgregor, Founder, Hope Scarves

7:15 PM
Speaker, Mary Zappone, President, RecoverCare LLC

7:30 PM
Speaker, Dr. Debra Gmelin, Corporate Director for the Leadership Institute at Humana Inc.

7:45 PM
Closing, Dianne Timmering and Alicia Heazlitt

We look forward to seeing all of our invitees at this intimate and transformative event. If you can no longer attend, please let us know right away at either or as we have a waitlist of women whom we would like to give the opportunity to attend.

#xxinhealthlouisville, #diannetimmering

2013 Senior Olympics Opening Prayer

October 1st, 2013 by Stephen Bowling

Drawing a  crowd of more than 300, Signature HealthCARE’s third annual Central Kentucky Senior Olympics, held September 25, 2013 at Signature’s Louisville home office.

A total of 55 athlete-residents from 11 Signature homes competed in the games, with more residents in attendance to cheer on their facility teams. The following is the both the text and the audio recording of the Opening Prayer for the day by Signature HealthCARE’s Vice President of Spirituality Dianne Timmering:

Today we rejoice in God’s love for us, His joy in this moment of energy. For God is giddy, alongside us, holding each hand for He is a joyful God; a God of hopeful expectation; a fierce God, and therefore a protective and competitive God. He rejoices in this Olympian day.

This day of strength, of courage, of fighting through the quibbles of nerves for the empowerment of athletic spirit which never leaves us, only gets batted down when life seems delayed and hurting, but life never decays because breath is always in us. And with breath, a seed of faith practice and perseverance and that desire to pursue individual greatness and team achievement; we strive to win. To sit on the edge of our peak of what was, of what is, and of what can be still.

For purpose never leaves and competitive hope is healing in the continual pursuit of being. So let us be unencumbered; let us be; let us strive to have joy, competitiveness, be comrades-in-arms, in team and team spirit.

We pray for safety and an overflow of all good things. Let the games begin, Amen!


Meeting the Dalai Lama – May 19, 2013

May 30th, 2013 by Stephen Bowling

Dianne Timmering, along with Joe Steier, John Harrison, Linda Howe and many others, had the opportunity to personally meet the Dalai Lama on his recent visit to Louisville.

In Dianne’s words:

“The Dalai Lama had reached a zenith of contemplative joy; it was empowering to watch.”

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